If you work in a biological area, medical sciences or even the social sciences, you may send papers to the Brain & Mind magazine. You should send a brief resume to be analysed, as well as to be presented at the end of your paper.

Criteria for Selection of Papers

1. The paper must be written in a clear and simple language, addressing the non-specialist.

2. The paper should be based on any of the items below:

3. Send digitized pictures (GIF or JPG formats).

4. Send a bibliography at the end of the paper, or, preferrably, a list of links to other resources in the Internet, which relate to the main subject of the paper.

5. The paper should be written in the English or Portuguese languages.

6. The magazine will not accept papers dealing with esoteric, religious or ideological topics, not even in the section of Opinion and Discussion.

7. The articles may be modified by the editor, according to suggestions of the editorial board. In this case, the modifications will be notified to the author prior to the publication.

8.. If the article exceed 4000 characters in length in each page, subdivide it into topics or separate subsections.

9. The authors will be entitled to an official certificate by the The Edumed Institute, Brazil.

10. The editorial board has the task of examining and accepting or not any submitted paper, based on its contents, required language and style, relevance and coherence of information, as well as on the overall size of the paper.

Send your paper to brain@edumed.net or to Dr. Silvia Helena Cardoso at the address:
Instituto Edumed
Centro de TeleneurociÍncias
Caixa Postal: 6005
CEP: 13081-970

Center for Biomedical Informatics
The Edumed Institute, Brazil

Silvia Helena Cardoso, PhD

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