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John M. Grohol
Director, Mental Health Net - Ohio (USA)
April 4th, 1997

2. Excellent quality, this eletronic magazine is a place of high technology in neurosciences and brain research.

Augusto D'Roi Freire, Physician - Neurosurgery, Neurology, Neurophysiology, Cuiabá, Brazil
April 15th, 1997.

3. This is an excellent vehicle to diseminate in good text and simple but well chosen words, solid scientific knlowledge of the neurosciences, about topics that are of common interest. I will be proud if some future contributons of mine are accepted to be published in this medium. I was President of the Mexican Chapter of the International League Against Epilepsy and even wrote a book in spanish about epilepsy in children. I hope particularly young people be attracted to read this attractive and enticing maganize.

Dr. Jesús Gómez-Plascencia", Pediatric Neurologist. Neuroscience Departament, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
April 28th, 1997

4. Very excellent !

R.MURAT DEMIRER , Neuroscientist, Istambul, Turkey
May 15th, 1997

5. Please continue with your efforts in doing a good source of knowledge. My own interest is mostly about psychosis and especially schizophrenia. I am a manager of a community-based mental health team and we are struggling, since some years, to develop the care and treatment for the severely mental ill. Many issues to take care of from organising and build information systems to education and supervision, etc

Lars Karrang , Psychiatrist, Sweeden
May 15th, 1997

6. Thank you very much for this excellent magazine. I have been searching for quite some time to find such a source of knowledge. I have been interested in neuroscience, especially the basis of the mind, for quite some time. I truly appreciate such a great magazine to assist me in my search for answers.

Liaqat Sabir
May 21st, 1997

7. La Revista Cerebro & Mente es un orgullo para nuestro continente. Les deseo una larga vida para satisfacción de sus ya numerosos lectores.

Dr. Ivan Tercero-Talavera, Médico Pediatra
May 22nd, 1997 Managua, Nicaragua

8. Your Internet site is an excellent resource for students. The stories, brainstorming, and discussions make it one of the best connections I have found.

Carrie gonyea and Michael Cochran
July 14th, 1997

9. The documental into the "the external Architecture of the brain" it´s amazing but why don´t do it in spanish, because there people to want know more about the brain.

Juan Alfredo Moreno Facundo , Student, Spain
July 27th, 1997

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August 20th, 1997

11. Mis mayores felicitaciones, por fin encuentro lo que representa mi pensamiento con el mas alto nivel cientifico, es para mi el link mas importante de las neurociencias que haya leido y me reconforta que haya gente como ustedes.

Dr. Mario A. Kohan , Neuropsiquiatra Mar Del Plata, Argentina
September 7th, 1997

12. Nice website. Thanks for the news on Eccles.

Jeffrey I. Bennett , MD, Director - Neuropsychiatry Clinics and Consultation Psychiatric Services Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry
September 18th, 1997

13. Excellent articles - thank you !

Bob Novick , Impulse Research Los Angeles
September 21st, 1997

14. I enjoyed the intreptation on dreams and what they mean The topic of my term paper is Dreams and what they mean. This site has helped me and has given me endless information on the subject that will be most helpful in my research. The journal ooks great to me

Marie sugarhigh , Cloudcroft, NM USA
November 20th, 1997.

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Web Select Team, USA
November 14th, 1997.

16. I just discovered your magazine and I find its content fascinating, and its scope impressive. Excellent work!

David Mittelman, Ph.D, Clinical Psychologist, Michigan, USA
December 12th, 1997.

17. In the recently announced 4th issue of Brain & Mind electronic magazine (http://www.epub.org.br/cm), there are at least two articles with observations and ideas that relate directly to possible reasons for attributing ethical value to beings. They are:
The editorial, What is Mind?, by Silvia H. Cardoso, PhD, And, Perception and Reality, by Jorge Martins de Oliveira, MD, PhD, Best wishes. Ron

Ronald M. McLaughlin, Ph.D, USA
December 12th, 1997

18. One the best things I liked about your article"How the Brain Organizes the Sexual Behavior is it was educational and not pornographic. It is very hard for the students to look up sexual information on the web for the newsletter and not finding themselves in a porn site before they realize where they are. I do not find porn offensive on all levels, after all are we not the only species that not give its young the knowledge of its sexuality naturally, thus forcing them to go to porn.

Mary Albo, Instructor, San Bruno, CA San Mateo, USA
December 12th, 1997

18. About the Brazilian endevor "Brain & Mind": I think that this attempt to dissimate knowledge on a particular topic in the form of an Electronic Journal (free of charge) is a laudible effort. With all the information garbage clogging the internet this is something of substance. Even if the dons of the neurosciences might belittle the effort, it is at least research in communication and education which is becoming of increasing importance in the age of information inflation.

Fritz, Psybernet Mailing List, USA
December 12th, 1997

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