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What Is the Capacity of Our Brain?

"We use only 10 % of our brain capacity" Is this information true ? (...)

Comment 10

Iím probably not a right person to enter in this discussion since Iím not a doctor nor have a deep knowledge on neuroscience. But the subject is so fascinating to me that I could not resist to make some comments about the questions raised. I do agree with Prof. Renato Sabbatini (comment 1) when he says that in "his opinion" the information is untrue or at least, "it cannot be proved to be true". This assertive bring to my mind an extra question that could probably be a subject for another brainstorming: "How much do we really know about the human brain capacity? How can we measure its full and relative capacity?" It is my belief that the origin of the assertion that we only use 10% of our brain capacity is the result of two facts: 1 - There is a lot of mental phenomena that still remains unexplained (with real facts, not with unsuported theories), such as ESP (if Iím not wrong) and other whose names donít come to my mind right now. 2 - We still do not have a full understanding of our brain functioning process, capacity, characteristics, etc. Another question for debate is the atrophy of the unused neurons. I do understand that with the atrophy of the neurons we would observe a reduction in size and/or weight of the brain. Do we really observe this on people with brain damage caused by lack of neurons usage? (such as people in coma, parkinson desease, autism, etc). In my humble opinion, if one cannot explain something with facts and proven data that something remains true for most people. So, untill the science can prove that we really make full use of our brain capacity, the information "we use only 10% of our brain capacity" will maintain its truethfullness. Am I right? (if I were able to get to the point!).

Igor Catunda - TQC Consultant
S.J.dos Campos - SP - Brasil

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