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What Is the Capacity of Our Brain?

"We use only 10 % of our brain capacity" Is this information true ? (...)

Comment 7

At any one time we may use even less, but this condition is not pathological. We also use only a small percentage of our home at any one time, or our automobile. We could possibly use 90% of the brain, but I suspect that sensory default neurons/systems prevent what would probably be sensory overload. The more interesting question to me is "how can we determine which neuronal systems interact with each other, and what determines the choices. Is there an "executive" component of the brain which is specialized for decision-making, or, as Gazzanga (1987) suggests, does each hemisphere have its own executive control system? Isn't the brain the most fascinating and complex creation in the universe?

Prof. Roger Aveyard, Counselor, Mental Health Practicioner, Beatrice, Nebraska, USA

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