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Associative memory - Elik Frausen

The neural correlates of consciousness - R. M. Cotterill

Elusive mind - C. Laukes

The self model theory of subjectivity - Thomas Metzinger

Can the unitary sense of self be explained by the unity of a quantum state ? - S.Hameroff

Bridiging the explanatory gap : virtual machine functionalism - A . Sloman

Selfhood as process - J. Pickering

How to understand the casual interactions between consciousness and brain - Max Velmans

The neural basis of consciousness - Herman Haken

Models of the self - Jennifer Radden

Free will and the "fringe" of consciousness - Bruce Mangan

Neural assemblies - Susan Greenfield

The epistemological element in quantum theory - Henry Stapp

Consciousness : The hornswoggle problem - Patricia Churchland

The philosophy behind ordinary consciousness - Stephen Jones

The basic package - Robert Kirk

On complexly organized systems and consciousness - Stephen Jones

On quantum physics and ordinary consciousness - Stephen Jones

Neural networks and computational brain - Stephens Jones

The hard problem - David Chalmers

Working memory - Bernie Baars

The brain project. Historic background - Stephen Jones

Thalamocortical aspects of consciousness - Antony Grace

The neural basis of consciousness - Patricia Churchland

Why the brain is a Greenfield site - Victoria Millar

Consciousness studies require both psychology and neuroscience - Valerie Hardcastle

The human brain : A guided tour - Susan Greenfield

Neurobiology events - Francis Crick

Can neurology teach us anything about consciousness ? - Patricia Churchland

Imagining the brain in action - Amiram Grinvald

Brain mechanism of visual recognition. - S. Edelman

Models of brain functioning - M.Tsodyks

An Active Brain is Organized in Time - Ad Aertsen

Journal of Consciousness Studies - on line

Dream sleep and waking reality : a dynamic view of two states of consciousness - A . Combs

Dreaming and consciousness - S. LaBerge

It was only a dream - A . M. Dawson

Modulation of speech processing during sleep - J.M. Dermott

Physiological correlates of lucid dreaming - B. Holtzinger htttp://

A roseta stone for mind and brain - S. Greenfield

On neurophysiological basis of consciousness - M. Estrin

On the search for the neural correlate of consciousness - D. Chalmers

Sensory projection areas of the cortex may provide a conscious global workspace for a massive distributed unconscious brain - B.J. Baars

The chemistry of conscious state - J. Hobson

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