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Brain & Mind and The Edumed Institute Present:

Virtual Talks On Neuroscience
Brief lectures using images and sounds

Inaugural Talk:

Phineas Gage - A Man Who Hurt His Brain - July, 2001
A Classical Case Which Helped Us To Understand Brain Functions in Behavior
By Dr. Silvia Helena Cardoso, PhD

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To Know More: 
The History of Psychosurgery - Brain & Mind. R.M.E. Sabbatini

Dr. James Pomerantz, Center for Neuroscience
Rice Univsersity
Talking about Neuroscience course

Neurobiology of Perception and Communication: From Synapse to Society 
DeLange Conference IV

 Parts of the limbic system. Shows a side (saggital) view of the brain. By Gary G. Mattews in Neurobiology.. 

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